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Zaktualizowano: 2 wrz 2021


Enbio S is the only steriliser able to sterlize your tools to perfection in just a few minutes

  • Certified perfection

  • Class B (highest)

  • Meets all medical requirements

  • Red Dot Design Award winner

Enbio S is a steam autoclave for tool sterilization used for medical, dental and cosmetic procedures. It ensures complete procedure safety by guaranteeing the tools are fully sterile.

Only fully sterilized tools protect from contracting diseases, such as viral hepatitis type B and C, HIV, or Candida-related fungal infections, for example.

Enbio S, as a class IIb autoclave, meets all European standards related to the ISO EN13060 directive.

Enbio meets 100% of all legal requierments within the European Union.

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